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Coaching & Consulting Services

Like so many others, my trading journey was not a linear path. I did not have an inheritance or high paying job to start a large account with, nor was I able to be consistently profitable for the first couple of years of my career. I know first hand what it is like to blow up accounts, spin your tires, and ultimately end up doubting whether you're ever going to make it. I have lived through that journey and as such, one of my goals with Carnivore Trades is to be able to teach and inspire others to be successful in their journey.

With my online coaching program I make it my mission to help clients succeed with their goals and to become rockstar traders. In these private 1 on 1 online video chats, clients are ale to pick my brain on anything from trading methodology and chart setups to risk management and position sizing. 


So if you're looking to make the leap towards being consistently profitable and becoming a master trader - or if you're stuck in a bad trade and are just looking for some professional guidance, book your session today and take the next step in your trading career! 

"Another winner with BOIL thanks to Aaron and Carnivore Trades membership. Can't express enough how valuable membership and coaching is. Aaron gives the best no BS clear and concise TA" - Joe B

"The Discord and just listening has worked for me. I would have been in something like 20 contracts today on the wrong side if I wasn't in the discord room with you." - Russ D

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***For institutional clients or a more hands on consulting program, please send inquiries to for more information***

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