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Carnivore Trades Methodology Courses

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  Carnivore Course -
"The Essentials"

Learn the proprietary techniques and strategies that mainstream technical analysis are clueless to

Included in this course is over 6 1/2 hours of content, including techniques and strategies developed over years of testing that have consistently produced profits -

  • True trend analysis - The REAL way to analyze trend and how to use multiple time frames like a pro

  • Major vs Minor - Learn the difference between major and minor support/resistance and why certain levels hold up while others fail - A total game changer. 

  • Entry, exit & risk - Finding the right entry/exit price on your trade - Recognizing support and resistance and how to determine price targets and stop loss

  • The best chart patterns - How to find the setups that are high probability winners while avoiding traps set by algos and institutional game players

  • Market psychology - what support and resistance truly represents​

  • Each and all of these techniques can be used on any chart and on any asset class


***Also included in the package*** - Recording of the review webinar done for members - over 2 hours of material!  - In this live recording Aaron reviews the topics and strategies covered in the course for attendees and fields Q&A from the members!

"This is a great course that helps understand the trading psychology and technical indicators used in the daily trade alerts. There are a lot of great fundamentals that are not taught in the trade alerts. It is very well organized."  

- Arthur P

"Thanks for taking the time to explain more your insight and trading style. Great that someone will share their knowledge. You either are a natural or have a education/ teaching back ground. Sure enjoying my trading journey. Totally agree, that you can pay someone with experience or pay the market. " 
- Troy H


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"The Mysteries Revealed"
Time & Cycle Analysis

In this course I teach how to use advanced level cycle analysis to determine future turning points in the market. The content included here is not available in technical analysis books or via any other mainstream source.

This course contains mind blowing information that will change your outlook on how the markets function. Learn how to use time - the most coveted commodity of all as your weapon. The secrets are hiding in plain sight and once understand them you will begin see them everywhere...

I finally reveal how I called the top in TSLA, lumber and the S&P 500 not only to the day, but too the PRICE as well! 

***This course will be held LIVE by Aaron via Discord August 21st, 2022 and the recording will be made available to review for all who have purchased the webinar. In addition, a LIVE follow up review course will be held by Aaron at a later date which will also be recorded and included in future purchases.***


The course includes -

  • Time analysis - the ancient numbers that can be used to find turning points in markets

  • Astrological effects - How solar changes move markets (yes, they do)

  • Gann/Fibonacci - Learning specific but simple numerical counts to time your entries and predict future pivot points in the markets

  • Stacking factors - How to combine cycles with other factors revealed in "The Essential Carnivore Course"

  • ***PLUS*** Can't miss bonus material - Aaron's cyclical outlook for financial markets through the next decade -


  • ***How the same tools that Aaron used to call the top and short the S&P, NDX, and DOW on precisely December 30th, 2021 are now forecasting pivotal paradigm shifts in financial markets. The cyclical trends revealed in this bonus material is awe-inspiring and worth the price of admission by itself!***

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