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Member Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Sold 2/3 [CGC] at a 13% gain. Paid for my membership for the year. :) "

- Merinda S

"[I] feel like a criminal. Get a patreon soon!"

- Jordan M

"Awesome call on GOTU. Made 20% intraday but holding for a much bigger move."

- Kyle P

"Aaron's Patreon is the deal of the year. You couldn't get a broker to provide that level of service."

- "Naps"

"Solid update Aaron. I actually made a trade on ZM after you brought it to my attention a few weeks ago. Cashed out half of my position for a nice profit already but am still holding the remainder (for now)."

- Herman J

"I am a noob learner that has done (way too much) research and getting my feet wet now. This is the best advice I have seen. So true."

- Ian L

"There are many subscription services tells you when to buy and sell, but they never explain why and how they decided to send the buy signals or sell signals. None of them ever teaches you how to manage your portfolio. That's why Carnivore Trades is the Best. I've been learning a lot since I started to listen to the weekly update on Wall St. For Main St. a few months ago."

- LC100

"Aaron thx for the work you do, it really helps"

- D Francois

"I like the technical analysis with how you mix it up by covering commodities, VXX, and some things that set you apart from the folks who just cover growth stocks."

- J G

"Your call was so close to the bottom is was practically sorcery."

"Folks, I strongly recommend you consider Aaron. I gave him $5 and he gave me back 100x ROI on just one trade. That's true value that most senior analysts can't give you. Kudos Aaron. Keep it up big man!"

- Farid P

"Made a profit on all 3 telecoms that you covered. $T was calls, $VZ was writing puts, and $TMUS was stocks [common shares] bought."


"Your knowledge about the market and charts is vast, more than anyone I have ever listened to."

 - Charles M

"This is the best channel for total market overview with charts, analysis and targets. Thank you for the work you do."

- Josh N

"I appreciate your philosophy of controlling risk by sticking to your proven methodology, selecting only those trades that appear to have the highest risk/reward potential, establishing clear target and stop loss levels based on chart evidence, limiting position sizes depending on the market environment and stock behavior, and willingness to adapt targets and stops as the situation unfolds. These are all lessons I learned the hard way a long time ago."

- D.F.

"Thanks for taking the time to explain more your insight and trading style. Great that someone will share their knowledge. You either are a natural or have a education/ teaching back ground. Sure enjoying my trading journey. Totally agree, that you can pay someone with experience or pay the market."

- Troy H

"Carnivore Trades, The best investment decision I have ever made!"

Frank B

"Want to say thank you for your great perspectives on the market. I have my own systematic approach and similar macro view as yours right now. I'm at 40%+ this year with a large account. appreciate your sharing and everything!"

Max W

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