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My Story

I, like many millennials came of age around the time of the housing crisis. I graduated high school in 2007, and went to college the next fall before I quickly realized that classroom learning wasn't for me. However, during that time I had developed an interest for economics. I was intrigued by how policy decisions have ripple effect-like consequences - both intended and unintended.

At about the same time, there was great concern in regards to the many global debt crisis' that had sprung about due to the expansion of central bank balance sheets across the world. As a natural contrarian I gravitated away from mainstream Modern Monetary Theorists that were touting what I believed to be morally hazardous and inflationary policies. I had begun to embrace hard money Austrian economics and began investing into precious metals and precious metals stocks. I had also gotten into commodities stocks at the right time- even if I was too green to know what I was doing. My teeth were cut quickly in my investing career. Just 3 months after making my first actual investments into a brokerage account I became a live witness to the infamous Flash Crash that took place on May 6th, 2010 in the middle of the European Debt Crisis.

Nevertheless, I received strong mentorship from more seasoned investors and was able to gain experience as I weathered the storm. However as I came into my own I became more attracted to swing and day trading. Even with markets producing unprecedented returns as they are now, swing trading still proves to be lucrative as it can be used to play both the market melt up and the subsequent crash whenever certain crises' wipe out months, if not years worth of gains for the average investor. Throughout my time in the market I have developed a trading system and proprietary methodology which has come to serve me very well in my career.

My goal now is to grow this service and continue meet like-minded individuals and build a strong community of true professionals who all help each other to grow as traders.

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